PACIFIC Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine


The PACIFIC automatic hamburger former is a small yet time saving machine capable of forming up to 2100 hamburgers per hour, it is suited to any butcher shop, deli, small supermarket, cafe, take away shop or restaurant that forms minced meat into hamburger patties and also applies a wax paper to prevent sticking when the burgers are stacked or packaged. Moulds are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

  • Production capacity of up to 2100pcs per hour.
  • Lays wax paper under burger paty to prevent patties sticking when stacked or packaged.
  • Outfeed conveyor to feed directly into a batterer, preduster, fryer, cooker, freezer or similar.
  • Compact design on frames and wheels allow for to easier position and move the machine
  • Optional: custom moulds available for the machine, in a range of different 2D shapes and sizes (ie chicken nuggets, circles, squares, triangles, hearts, etc)
Model Patty100-III
Power 415V/50Hz 0.55kW 3 Phase
Product Capacity Up to 2100 pcs per hour
Product Thickness 8-13mm
Maximum Diameter 100mm
Hopper Capacity 32L
Filling Pressure 1 - 25 bar
Weight 100kg
Overall Dimensions 715 x 600 x 1400mm

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