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PACIFIC S/S Bone Crusher/Shredder

PACIFIC Mobile Container (Dolav/Nally Bin) Tipper

PACIFIC 200L/300L Mobile Bin Tipper

SG300 Grinder Frozen Block Trial

PACIFIC 550A Dicer

PACIFIC Y420A Automatic Bandsaw

PACIFIC Automatic Bandsaw Y420A

Frozen fish blocks

PACIFIC Chicken Breast Slicer - Horizontal Slice

PACIFIC SP300 Sausage Peeler

PACIFIC SP300 Sausage Peeler

PACIFIC Chicken Breast Slicer - Butterfly Cut


2019 Jugema K-50 E-W 300L Cooking Bratt Pan

Meatball Forming Trial

EcoMatic Meatball Forming Attachment

Visser Goes - Breaker

Stephanal Breaker

Palmia 3000L ribbon mixer

Risco RS130 Frontal Discharge Twin Paddle Mixer

Injectstar BI-60-P 60 Needle Injector

Ruhle Guillotine - Frozen Block

Maja ESB3450 3 derinder

Frozen Banana Block Trial

Frozen Tuna Heads - PACIFIC Stainless Steel Industrial Shredder & Bone Breaker

Emsens Kebab Skewering Machine - Tradition

MAJA VBA5550 Mobile Automatic Derinding Machine

PACIFIC 600mm Automatic Shuttle Conveyor Transfer System

Revic 300L Jacketed Boiling Kettle with Unloader - Operating Lid & Basket

Revic 300L Jacketed Boiling Kettle with Unloader

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