PACIFIC AMF400-II Automatic Multi Forming Machine


The PACIFIC AMF-400-II Automatic Multi Forming Machine is a high capacity machine that can form and shape up to 55 pieces per minute. The machine can be fitted with a range of different forming dies from nuggets, fish bites, meatballs to hamburgers and is suitable for any chicken processor, food manufacturer of industrial butcher. Robust design and solid construction ensure machine reliability, a high quality servo drive system to drive the mould plate ensuring accuracy and repeatability, and the highest quality components from FESTO, VIKERS & SIEMENS are used for pneumatics, hydraulic & electrical components.

Model AMF400-II
Width of Belt 400mm
Power 11.12kW
Production Capacity About 200-600 kg/hour
Stroke Times 15-55 times/minute
The Thickness of Product 6~25mm
Weight Error ≤1%
The Maximum Diameter 130mm (for round burger)
Filling Pressure 3~15Mpa adjustable
Overall Dimension 2828 x 830 x 2136mm

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