PACIFIC 500L Vacuum Massager & Tumbler


The Pacific 500L Vacuum Tumbler & Massager is used in the preparation of marinated meat & poultry products it is capable of processing between 250-300kg of product per cycle. By applying a vacuum to the chamber moisture and marinades are drawn into the meat & poultry which significantly reduces marinating times. Additionally, the rotary action of the chamber continuously flips and tumbles the product helping to tenderise the product and ensure an even & consistent coating of marinade. Suitable for a beef, lamb, pork, poultry and tougher seafood such as squid & octopus and commonly used in the production of marinated cooked chicken, hams, bacon & other small goods. This machine features a programmable digital HMI interface which allows full control of the tumbling process, rotation speed (4-12rpm), change direction, vacuum level and store up to 100 unique tumbling programs. It also features full stainless steel construction from food grade 304 stainless steel and a Busch 20m3/h vacuum pump.

Model GR500VM
Volume 500 litres
Capacity Up to ~250-300kg per cycle
Rotation Speed Variable from 4 to 12 rpm
Control Digital HMI with 100 unique programs
Vacuum Pump Busch 20m3/h
Vacuum < -0.09 Mpa
Construction 304 Stainless Steel
Weight 300kg
Power 415v 3 Phase 12kW
Dimensions 1580x1115x1530mm

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