PACIFIC 1700L Refrigerated Vacuum Tumbler


The Pacific 1700L Refrigerated Vacuum Tumbler is a full 304 stainless steel over-and-under type refrigerated meat marinading and tumbling machine. Comprised of an outer refrigerated barrel which ensures rapid and even cooling of product. Capable of processing around 900kg of product per batch and fitted with an easy to operate digital HMI system which also allows the programming of up to 99 different recipes. The internal barrel is highly polished stainless steel and fitted with U-shaped paddles which prevent damage to larger pieces of muscle protein, the polished barrel makes cleaning the machine easier and also offers a lower resistance surface which further helps prevent damaged product. The barrel is hydraulically tilted, which ensures ease of product unloading & cleaning, and also allows batch processing with the barrel at a range of different angles.

• Easy to operate digital HMI system
• Store up to 99 different recipes
• Highly polished stainless steel inner barrel
• U-shaped paddles help prevent damage to larger pieces
• Polished barrel makes cleaning the machine easier
• Hydraulically tilting barrel
• 3 Phase, 380V 50Hz
Model RVT1700
Power 8.5 kW
Vacuum -0.08 MPa
Vacuum Pump (m3/h) 110
Machine Dimensions 2925 x 1550 x 1860mm
Height Clearance Required 2500mm (maximum height of barrel in unload position)
External Vacuum Pump Dimensions 800 x 500 x 1150mm
Capacity 900kg per batch
Weight 1650kg

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