PACIFIC 600mm Tempura Battering Machine


The PACIFIC 600mm tempura battering machines features a top and bottom belt which feeds and dips the product down into the batter mixture. This process is best suited for irregular shaped products which helps to ensure the product is completed coated. The product then passes through an air blade which removes any excess batter from the product which limits the amount of wastage introduced into the coating process.

• Space between upper and lower conveyors is adjustable
• Powerful air knife to remove excess batter
• Easy & reliable operation
• SIEMENS electrics
• Dismountable design for easy cleaning
• Meets HACCP standards
• Optional: Automatic liquid control device
Model PTBM600
Speed of belt 3~15m/min
Input height 1050mm ± 50mm
Output Height 800~1100mm
width of belt 600mm
Electricity 380-415V/50Hz, 3 Phase
Power 2.17kW
Overall Dimension 3100 x 1120 x 1400mm

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