PACIFIC HSVD5000 High Speed Vegetable Dicer


Introducing the Pacific High Speed Vegetable Dicer capable of dicing up to 1500 kg/h of vegetables such as potato, carrot, cabbage, zucchini, onion, sweat potato, celery, capsicum, pumpkin, beetroot, cucumbers and many other fruits and vegetables. The Pacific High Speed Vegetable Dicer can dicing size either 3x3x3mm or 10x10x10mm and dicing consistency is assured with an accurate dicing mechanism, completely manufactured from 304 stainless steel, featuring a powerful 2.95 kw motor, integrated safety on openings and emergency stop with braked motor.

Model HSVD5000
Dimensions 1350 x 780 x 1300mm
Voltage 3 Phase 380v 50Hz
Power 2.95 kw
Capacity 1500 kg/h
Dice Size 3x3x3mm or 10x10x10mm
Weight 440kg
Warranty 12 Months

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