PACIFIC Chicken Breast Butterfly & Slicing Machine


The PACIFIC Chicken Breast Slicing machine is a very easy to operate & easy to clean machine designed with speed and product consistency in mind. By simply placing the breast fillet in a different start position using the product guide, allows you to horizontally slice, cut and butterfly fresh chicken breast fillets all on the one machine.

• Variable belt speed
• Up to 30 cuts per minute
• 304 stainless steel construction
• Integrated safety features to ensure operator safety
• Spray bars and drip tray, to avoid product sticking to belts
• Easy to clean and very easy to setup & use
Model PBS-2
Max Slice Width 190mm
Cut Speed 20 - 30 pcs/min
Slice Thickness 10-60mm
Voltage 415V, 50Hz
Power 0.4kW, 0.5Hp
Overall Dimensions 1780 x 1150 x 1430mm

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