PACIFIC SG300 Industrial Meat Grinder


The PACIFIC SG300 is a state-of-the-art industrial meat grinder, it is a powerful and high volume machine capable of processing large batches of fresh meat as well as frozen blocks. With a sturdy & highly accurate construction our industrial meat grinder has a long machine life with smooth, efficient & quick operation, a powerful motor, integrated safety features to protect operators, easy to use control panel.

Worm Screw
Double speed worm mincing screw. Double speed 80rpm / 132 rpm.
Fresh, Tempered or Frozen
Capable of effortlessly grinding both fresh meat and frozen blocks down to -18c in temperature.
Knife Set Configurations
Single or double knife set configurations possible.
Powerful Motor
Heavy duty belt and powerful 80kW motor
Safety Cover
Safety cover with interlock safety covering grinding tooling
Trip Bar
Hopper trip bar with rocker switch provides safety on the input of the machine.
Inspection Step
Step and mirror provide for easy inspection during maintenance and production.
Optional: Accessory Trolley
Optional trolley for the easy storage and transportation of tools. Aids in handling while dismantling and for the cleaning of the parts.
Optional: Incline Conveyor
We provide both bin lifters and incline conveyors to aid in the loading of blocks and products in to the hopper.
  • High output to meet increased production rate demands
  • Fresh soft meats and fats, as well as tempered or hard frozen blocks are effectively processed together or separately
  • Single or double knife set
  • Swing away arm with control panel
  • Perfect fne and coarse grind, both fresh meat and frozen meat blocks
  • Powerful 80kW, 165A motor on grinding screw
  • Robust design & construction
  • Inspection step and mirror
  • Optional: Accessory trolley
  • Optional: Bone/sinew removal sytem
  • Optional: Incline loading conveyor
  • Optional: 200L/300L bin lifter
Model SG300
Power (Grinding Screw) 80kW, 165A
Voltage 415V 50Hz, 3Ph
Main Shaft Speed Double speed 80rpm / 132 rpm
Plate Diameter 300mm (Ø4-Ø30) (Ø4 only suitable for fresh meat)
Product Temperature Fresh to -18c
Throughput (Fresh) up to 12t/h (Dependent on plate size, product temperature, and other environmental factors)
Throughput (-18c) 4t/h (Dependent on plate size, product dimensions, and other environmental factors)
Overall Dimensions 2600 x 1480 x 1980mm
Weight 3500kg

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