PACIFIC VPF3600 Vacuum Filler


The PACIFIC VPF3600 is a feature packed high accuracy vacuum filler that is fundamental for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and other meat producers that require quick & accurate filling and portioning. The hygienic design of this Vacuum Filler makes cleaning easy and effective. Suitable for: Abattoirs, Boning Rooms, Butcher Shops, Delis, Food Services, Poultry Processors, Small-goods Production, Supermarkets and more.

  • Filling process performed under vacuum state. Avoids fat oxidation and proteolysis, reducing bacteria in product. This helps to provide a longer shelf life of the product along with brighter color and taste.
  • Integrated 200L bin lifter
  • Portion size from 10g-99999.9g
  • 220L hopper
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with sausage linker (optional)
  • Compatible with high speed sausage twister (optional)
Model VPF3600
Capacity 3600 kg/hr
Power 7kW (without linker), 8kW (with linker)
Power 380V 50Hz, 3 Phase
Hopper Size 75L
Filling Speed 0-450 times/min. (Stepless speed)
Linking Speed 0-450 times/min. (Stepless speed)
Vacuum -0.1Mpa
Vacuum Degree 2x102m bar
Screw Device Directional spiral screw
Filling Pipe Diameter 22mm, 28mm, 35mm (Standard)
Weight 1260 kg
Overall Dimensions 1960 x 1450 x 1850 mmm

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