SCANPAC Tendon Washer


Suitable for the washing of tendons, cowhells, and other offal, utilising a series of abrasive rollers to agitate and clean the product thoroughly.


  • Stainless steel constuction
  • Nozzle sprays for the addition of liquid during the wash cycle
  • 9 brushes with heavy duty brush bristles
  • Customisable amount for abrasion at order
  • Optional Carborundum (Silicon carbide) coated rollers for extra abrasion during washing
  • Suitable for peeling or washing a range of products
  • Full safety cages on hopper and outfeed to ensure operator safety

Model SPCW100
Capacity 400kg/hr
Voltage 380V 50Hz, 3 Phase
Power 2.2kW
Overall Dimensions 1650 x 820 x 750mm

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