PACIFIC Highly Polished Stainless Steel Tripe Washer (Large)


The Scanpac polished tripe washer is a machine designed to wash, scald, and bleach the inside surface of beef paunches, calf and sheep paunches, pork stomachs, rennets and also bibles of cattle. The work on paunches is done at high speed, and on bibles is done at low speed.

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Comprising of an upper and lower shell, motor, transmission system and rotating plate.
  • Adjustable speed to suit different production conditions
  • Built in dual variable speed motor
Model SPTW800
Capacity up to 60 cattle, 180 lamb per hour
Batch processing time around 5 minutes
Water consumption 900L per hour
Voltage 380-415V 50Hz, 3 Phase
Power 4-5.5kW
Weight 550kg
Dimensions 2100 x 1300 x 1200mm

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