PACIFIC 150L Mixer


The PACIFIC 150L mixer is a great addition to any butcher shop, food processor, bakery or manufacturer wishing to thoroughly mix and blend wet or dry ingredients such as sausage, hamburger, meatball, pasties, sausage roll mince, it is also suitable for vegetable and meat fillings such as dim sims, dumplings, cabbage rolls and many other combinations. Featuring full stainless steel construction, heavy duty mixing paddles, simple to load & unload with a hand operated trap door, pneumatically operated lid, this machine will efficiently and consistently mix your product. Suitable for up to 120kg of minced meat.

Model PM150
Construction SS304 Stainless Steel
Mixing Capacity Up to 120 Kg fresh meat
Machine Weight 120 Kg
Motor 3Kw
Voltage 380/415V 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
Dimensions 1200 x 700 x 1260mm

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