PACIFIC F3000 Frozen Block Flaker


The PACIFIC frozen block flaker is an industrial-quality machine specifically designed to quickly break down frozen blocks of meat, and other produce, into smaller chunks for further processing in a bowl cutter or mincer/grinder. With sturdy & highly accurate stainless steel construction, it ensures durability and hygiene. Engineered for efficiency and ease of use, it features a large feeding area that safely accommodates standard block sizes, reducing preparation time significantly. The cutting mechanism is designed to minimize waste while maximizing output, making it an essential tool for busy production environments. Safety features include emergency stops and guards to protect operators. This machine streamlines operations in any food processing facility, offering reliability, speed, and precision in handling frozen products.

• Machine constructed from all 304 stainless steel
• Powerful 11kW motor
• Can flake whole frozen blocks up to -18 degrees
• Process up to 3,000kg per hour
• Horizontal table allows for easy loading of blocks
• Integrated safety features to protect operators
• Flake sizes of 5 mm to 15 mm, depending on temperate of frozen block

Model PFBF3000
Power 11kW
Capacity 3000kg/hr
Max. Block Size 700 x 520 x 200mm
Channel width 520mm
Cylinder stroke 700mm
Speed 335rpm
Weight 760kg
Overall Dimensions 2360 x 1060 x 1135mm

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