PACIFIC 550A Dicer


The Pacific 550A is a high speed dicing machine that is suitable for butcher shops, meat processors, delis, supermarkets, and fruit & vegetable processors. The cutting blades on the machine can be adjusted in 5mm increments to suit your dicing size requirements, maximum cutting dimensions of 120x120x550mm, an out feed conveyor will move your diced product to a height suitable for dumping into a standard 200L euro bin, it is quick and easy to load product into the machine whilst also maintaining the highest levels of operator safety and manufactured from 304 stainless steel. This machine is suitable for: fresh meat, semi frozen meat, back fat, bacon & ham, cooked & cured sausages, softer vegetables such as potato & carrot, fruit & some cheeses.

Suitable For: Fresh meat, semi-frozen meat, back fat, bacon, ham, cooked or cured sausage, softer vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, fruits & some cheeses.

Model Pacific 550A
Capacity 800 to 1000kg
Dicer Channel Dimension 120 X 120 X 550 mm
Total Power 3.7Kw
Main Shaft Motor power 2 kW (Germany Nord Motor)
Pump Motor Power 1.1Kw
Conveyor Motor Power 0.6Kw
Pump Motor Power 1.1Kw
Dimension 1850 X 1530 X 1150 (mm)
Weight 750Kg

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