PACIFIC CSK18 Automatic Double Clipper


Introducing the Pacific CSK18 Automatic Double Clipper suitable for clipping all familiar plastic, fibrous and collagen casings from 40mm-200mm flat (25mm-127mm diameter), using either 15 or 18 pitch clips. Precisely manufactured on computer controlled mills from quality 304 stainless steel, this machine can apply clips at a rate up to 100 clips per minute from double rolls of aluminium clips positioned on top of the machine. The CSK18 automatic double clipper can be connected to all conventional filling machines, such as; Handtmann, VEMAG, Ross, Risco & Rex. It very accurately seals the portions to produce individual, string and ring sausages without leaving sausage meat residue in the casing ends, making this automatic double clipper suitable for use in many applications outside of the food industry, for example; packaging semi-finished confectionery products, cheese, soups or non-food products, this clipper can also optionally be fitted with a string looping system.

Model CSK18
Power 3 Phase 415v 50Hz
Clips 15 & 18 Pitch
Casing size Flat 40mm-200mm
Casing size Diameter 25mm - 127mm
Speed (Clips per Minute) Adjustable up to 100 cpm
Air Pressure 0.5-0.6 Mpa (air is only required when using cutting feature)
Stretch Distance 40mm - 100mm
Weight 700kg
Dimensions 1280x1000x1700mm

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