PACIFIC 600mm Automatic Shuttle Conveyor Transfer System


The PACIFIC 600mm Automatic Shuttle Conveyor Transfer System utilises s servo-driven Shuttle Transfer System to automatically change conveyor direction by 90° and also can convey from one line to multiple lines.

  • Servo-driven shuttle construction can ensure consistant and precise product placement.
  • Can be synchronized with the AMF400 former, AMF600 former or other conveyors.
  • Touch screen operating system.
  • Shuttle distance and portion size can be adjustable.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel and non-metal material, meets the HACCP standard.
Conveying Speed 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
Input Height 1050±50mm
Output Height 1050±50mm
Belt Width 600mm
Power 2.05kW
Overall Dimension 3060×940×1400mm

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