Eurobins - Stainless Steel 200L and 300L Euro bins

Used for the convenient and sanitary transportion of product and waste in food & meat manufacturing facilities, eurobins are known by a number of names including dump bins, euro tote bins, meat trolleys, buggies, meat carts, Mackie Bins, Roser Bins, stainless steel bins and more.

Manufactured from food grade SUS304 stainless steel, PACIFIC euro tote bins provide a robust and sanitary way to transport product, also for mixing and stirring of product. Eurobins are commonly used in meat processing plants, bakeries, food manufacturers, cereal manufacturers, bakeries and other hygiene-critical industries.

PACIFIC Food Machinery manufacture eurobins in the 200L and 300L capacity sizes. Manufactured according to DIN 9797 (industry standard) sizes our bins are compatible and will fit most machines designed for use with DIN 9797 bins and also work in conjuction with most bin lifting equipment, bin tippers, bin washers, etc.

With four large heavy duty nylon wheel, set in an offset diamond formation, our eurobins are highly manoeuvrable and stable even while fully loaded or when being wheeled on uneven ground.

PACIFIC also supply a range of accessories for the stainless steel eurobins, including stainless steel lids to cover the tops of the bins and a handle for the ergonomic pushing of the bins. We also take custom orders for bins, for example bins fitted with a ball valve and drain for the draining of liquids from the bins, or custom logos etc.

For more information on our eurobins see the following pages: 200L stainless steel euro bins or 300L stainless steel euro bins.

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