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Posted at 16/01/2014 4:45 am By / Category: Processes
The shredding of the meat must be done whilst it is still hot/warm and the temperature that the meat is shredded at plays a large part in determining the coarseness of the final shred. By letting the meat cool from its final cooking temperature of at least 95 degrees Celsius, a thicker more course shred is possible, for a very fine shred, transfer straight to the shredding machine from the smoker or oven.Read More
Posted at 16/01/2014 4:45 am By / Category: Processes
Metal detectors for food primarily are used for the purpose of consumer protection. Despite maximum care metallic contamination of food products during the production process cannot be fully excluded. Metal particles that enter the product during the production process or already are contained in the raw material may cause serious injuries of consumers. The consequences for the producing company are numerous and serious and include compensation claims and expensive recalls.Read More

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