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Shredamatic Industrial Cooked Meat Shredder

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Shredamatic Industrial Cooked Meat Shredder
The Shredamatic Industrial Cooked Meat Shredder is a highly efficient 'pulled meat' shredding machine that is perfect for processing large volumes of cooked meat, such as pulled pork, beef and shredded cooked chicken. It has unique removable combs specially designed to allow shredding of smaller product, such as cubed beef, pork or chicken, chicken thigh fillets, small fillets of fish and other small cooked proteins that require shredding. The Shredamatic is designed to shred hot cooked meat, it will not shred chilled cooked meat effectively.

The simple design of the Shredamatic cooked meat shredder allows for continuous processing, unlike small batch machines, meaning it will process cooked meat as quickly as you can feed it into the machine. The all stainless steel Pacific Shredamatic has a small foot print with low maintenance requirements and it's easy to clean as well as being very safe for operator use with it's integrated safety sensors & top feed paddle with optional in feed product conveyor.

This machine also has the option of coming with an infeed and outfeed conveyor system as show in the photos above



  • Get long muscle fibers without cutting or tearing product
  • Sanitation is easy, no tools needed to remove only one guard for high pressure cleaning
  • Shreds cooked meat as fast as you can load it. 
  • Paddle in-feed was designed for safe operation. 
  • Heavy-duty stainless components and simple design allows for maximum up-time with little to no maintenance. 
  • Return on investment is accelerated, usually within six months.
  • 240V Single phase - Plug it in anywhere
  • On/Off Illuminated Emergency Switch
  • All stainless steel components
  • Safety interlock fitted to all openings to ensure operator safety

Quick overview of how to cook meat for shredding - Guide to pulling/shredding cooked meats

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