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Wolfking Self Feeding Grinder 1500/250

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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Wolfking Self Feeding Grinder 1500/250
The Wolfking 1500/250 is a robust self feeding industrial grinder. The machine is a high quality efficient mixer mincer/grinder that is safe, reliable and suitable for supermarkets, meat processing facilities, smallgoods production and other meat manufacturing locations.



  • The WOLFKING SFG 1500/250 is a robust industrial grinder for coarse and fine grinding of fresh meat, fish and pre-blends
  • It features an infeed hopper with agitator that holds up to one ton (whole Eurobins) of preground meat. It is ideal for hamburgers, sausages and other quality ground meat products.
  • The mixer/grinder features a stainless steel tub body that is designed to mix pre-ground meat products with dual rotating paddle shafts.
  • The paddle shafts are reversed during the grinding cycle to feed product into the feed screw
  • 1500L buffer hopper with agitator for constant grinding flow
  • 250 mm cutting set
  • Hygienic design with easily exchangeable parts
  • With bone removal system



Hopper Volume1500L
Plate Diameter250mm
Product TemperatureDown to 0 °C (32 °F) fresh, Down to –5 °C (23 °F) frozen pre-ground
Capacity6 to 12 t/h
Voltage400V, 50 Hz
Motor Power103.7A, 59 kW (55kW - Grinder, 4kW - Agitator)
Overall Weight1900kg
Overall Dimensions2050 x 1700 x 2500 mm.


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