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SOLD | Wolfking Contiflow Screw Pump and PG225 Pump Grinder with Gristle Removal

This Wolfking complete pump grinders consists of the Wolfking Contiflow 250 - S/D twin screw pump that then feeds that product into a Wolfking PG225 pump grinder which features gristle and bone removal.
We are sorry but we are unable to quote on this machine, if you are looking for a machine similar to this, please contact us and we will attempt to find a quality machine through our network of food machinery agents world wide.


All of these machines are in good working order, they came out of production at the start of May 2016 and have been recently been rebuilt and are production ready



Model: Contiflow 250 - S/D Screw Pump

Year: 2000

Dimensions: 3000mm x 1200mm x 1050mm


Model: PG 225 Pump Grinder

Year: 1999

Dimensions: 1900mm x 1100mm x 1450mm



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