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VEMAG Robot 500 Vacuum Filler

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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VEMAG Robot 500 Vacuum Filler
The Vemag 500 is a feature packed high accuracy vacuum filler that is fundamental for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and other meat producers that require quick & accurate filling and portioning. The hygienic design of this Vacuum Filler also makes cleaning easy and effective.



  • Efficient, high-speed production of all types of bakery products
  • Incorporates many innovative attachments specifically designed for bakery applications
  • Sets the standard for portioning accuracy, speed and product quality
  • Each attachment is carefully designed to produce consistent, high-quality bakery itemsn
  • Attachments can be easily swapped out in minutes so that you can produce a variety of different products
  • The perfect solution as a: dough divider, cookie dough depositor, batter depositor, filling depositor, bar extruder, coextruder, portioner, dough sheeter, fats and margarine sheeter, pie shell dough divider, pie shell filler, cup and pail filler
  • Continuous vacuum straight stuffing pump,
  • Double screw pump


Serial Number1282812
Fill Rateup to 2,700kg/h
Voltage380V 50Hz, 3 Phase


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