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Gunther GT400S Roller Steaker Tenderiser

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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Gunther GT400S Roller Steaker Tenderiser
The Gunther 400 S Roller Steakers cuts the surface of boneless meat with rotating knives, Various muscle roller steakers and muscle presses have been combined with brine injectors for a long time, particularly in the production of cooked ham.The GT series steakers and presses by Günther provide the industry with compact machines that allows the perfect application of each single or the combination of both methods, depending on whether a maximum of muscle surface is to be achieved or the fragmented size is to be ensured according to the type of muscle.
This machine was previously doing pork primals.



  • This machine was previously doing pork primals
  • Suitable for inline production from an injector
  • Cutting rollers adjustable between 16 and 86mm
  • Three preset thickness with the cutting rollers automatically adjusting to the meat thickness
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and high quality food grade plastics
  • Quick and easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Easily removable in-feed belt
  • Connects to Gunther injectors
  • Knife pressure pneumatically adjustable
  • Discharges into 200l Euro bins if required
  • Cutting rollers removable without tools
  • Optional: driving roller available for cutting top surface only


Year of Manufacture2010
Voltage415V / 50Hz - 3 Phase
Power2A 0.75kW
Working Width390mm
Belt Width375mm
Distance Between Blades10mm
Overall Dimensions1500 x 1300 x 1300mm


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