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Dmatic Vacuum Filler Portioning Attachment

Condition: Used/Refurbished
This portioning attachment is designed for use with a vacuum portion filler that features a clipping signal and is capable of portioning a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
The machine forms the portion whilst the previous portion is being knocked out of the mold that then is taken away via the wire mesh conveyor belt.


Portioning machine currently with oval shaped hamburger mold. 

Belt width: 200 mm,

Burger Size: Depending on mould shape

This unit can be customised to suit variable sized product and shapes

,Power: 3 Phase 400V  16 A, 

Air pressure: 10 Bar

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Additional Information

Filling CapacityNo
Filling PressureNo
Portioning PerformanceNo
Hopper CapacityNo


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