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PACIFIC 100L Batter Mixer

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PACIFIC 100L Batter Mixer
The Pacific DJJ100-II batter mixer uses a specially designed beater to ensure even mixing of the batter mixture. The DJJ100 is also suitable for mixing high viscosity Tempura batter.
An advanced control program enables high speed mixing, low speed mixing and a batter mixing cycle finished alarm, all controlled via a simple & easy to use interface. Also fitted with a double layer stainless steel mixing tank to allow ice blocks or other cooling medium to help keep the batter temperature low.
Fitted with an inline batter pump to move the finished mixed batter to a battering machine. Easy to clean and also easy to move to the required location due to castors being fitted to the frame.



  • All 304 stainless steel construction
  • Operator safety is assured with sensors on safety covers
  • 100L capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Double layered tank - External tank allows for chilled water or ice to be added in order to cool mixture in mixing tank
  • Ball valve fitted for easy draining of external tank
  • Specially designed beater to ensure consistent and even mixing of batter mix
  • Inline batter pump for connection to battering machine
  • Mounted on wheels for ease of moving


Capacity of mixing tank100L
Mixer power1.1kW
Pump power0.75kW
Voltage415V 50Hz, 3P hase
Overall Dimensions1260 x 835 x 1330mm

Machine Drawings:


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