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PALMIA 255 Series - Course Mincer (280mm Cutting Head)

Condition: Used/Refurbished
The coarse mincer (series 255) has been designed for the grinding, prior to standardizing and salting, of the meat assortments used in meat products, as well as for the pre-grinding of minced meat raw material. The machine's unique way of operating cuts the product without crushing material.
The cutting head with independent knife, which has variable speed, in combination with the different sized of hole in the cutting plate, makes it possible to achieve the desired size of cut raw material, e.g. for tumbled ham in pieces.



  • The mincer is driven by two sepreate motors, one motor for the feed screw which has a constant low speed, and one for the cuttingf knife with speed control from 40 rpm to 180 rpm
  • Stepless speed control for cutting knife (40-180 rpm)


Cutting Head Diameter280mm
Throughputup to 10,000 kg/h
Motor (for cutting knife)4kW
Motor (for feed screw)7.5kW
Overall Weight900kg
Overall Dimensions1800 x 860 x 1910mm


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