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Inox Meccanica forming, packing & double clipping system type PIC 99 B E

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Automatic pressing, stuffing and clipping machine. Since 1987 the best solution to form, stuff, tighten and clip single muscle products – such as belly-bacon, pork neck, bresaola, hams, loins, roasts and muscles in general – in fibrous, collagen and plastic casing and elastic stockings. With PIC99 you can stuff products in casing and net at the same time with great time and labor savings. Moreover with PIC99 you can drastically reduce packaging cost with lower waste of casing and net. Finally, PIC99 is the best solution on the market for the production of long bar to improve and increase yield in slicing.



Die SetsFor netting: 55mm & 147mm diameter
For casings/clipping are 108mm, 120mm & 147mm diameter
Forming Tubesx12


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