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SOLD | Cryovac Complete Vacuum Packing Line

The Cryovac complete vacuum packing line consists of a Cryovac VS90 automatic vacuum packer, a Cryovac ST85 automatic dip tank and a customer built incline air blast conveyor.
We are sorry but we are unable to quote on this machine, if you are looking for a machine similar to this, please contact us and we will attempt to find a quality machine through our network of food machinery agents world wide.


SerialA003413 19
Power3 phase, 3 x 380V, 50Hz, 5.4Kw, 25A
Weight~1050kg (+150kg with booster pump)
Air6 bar
Air Consumption150 l/h at 20° C Max
Air TypeISO8573-1:2001 Class 3
Air Supply Pipe Diameter13mm
Primary Vacuum PumpReconditioned by Busch 630 m3/h
Booster PumpReconditioned by Busch 1250 m3/h

The Cryovac VS90 is a medium sized automatic belt feed vacuum packing machine designed for processing of fresh & cooked meat products, processed meats and cheese. This machine is PLC controlled and is programmable with up to 15 different programs with parameters that can be customised to suit particular applications, construction is simple and robust with critical components treated against corrosion to ensure machine life and reliability, 1 to 2 operators are required to operate the machine depending on product configuration, up to 2 cycles per minute are achievable, start and stop remote pump control, automatic product transfer, ultrasealing system which is microprocessor controlled and does not require water-cooling and seal bar pressure is adjustable, final cutting system with internal trim removal and collection, automatic power saving facility during downtime, active safety devices featuring interlocked guards and a category 2 fail safe control system combine to provide state of the art operator safety, fitted with dual 920mm seal bars with a distance of 700mm between them, it can accommodate product up to 190mm in height. This machine has been fully rebuilt by our skilled technicians, features many new parts and is supplied with a 12 month warranty. 

ModelCryovac ST85
WeightWater Tank Empty: ~640Kg
Water Tank Full: ~1180Kg
Power3 Phase + earth / 400V / 50Hz
DimensionsLength:  1200mm
Width:  810mm
Height:  250mm

The Cryovac ST85 Shrink Tunnel is built for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops, industrial shops and other food productions. The feature packed machine provides a superior shrink performance for Cryovac barrier or non-barrier shrink bags to ensure the best possible product presentation. Ideally suited for a processing line that includes smaller chamber vacuum machines or larger VS series vacuum chamber machines. Designed to fully immerse the product in the water bath in a batch process that ensure optimal shrink of all Cryovac shrink bags. Featuring electronic water level control and temperature control up to 92°C, machines achieve up to 5 cycles per minute, and hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective. The Cryovac ST85 Shrink Tunnel/Dip Tank can be applied to fresh meat cuts, processed meats, poultry, cheese blocks and etc.





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