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PACIFIC Automatic Conveyorised Hot Water Dip Tank

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The PACIFIC Automatic Conveyorised Hot Water Dip Tank is a reliable, easy to use electrically operated dip tank that is used on medium to high volume lines to completely immerse shrink vacuum packed product such as meat, cheese, small goods and other food items in hot water to shrink the vacuum bag. Featuring an automatic conveyorised infeed conveyor that is manufactured from 304 stainless steel to feed product into the dipping chamber and also expel the product after it has been dipped. This large machine is designed to be used in conjunction with an inline conveyorised vacuum packing machine such as our BT800 & BT1100 machines, although, it can also be used with high volume swing lids just as well.

The dipping chamber size is (LxWxH) 870mm x 630mm x 275mm, and the machine can operate up to 8 cycles per minute, the water tank is electrically heated and has a volume of 310 liters. This machine features many advanced features such as; full 304 stainless steel construction, an insulated tank saving you money on electricity, OMRON HMI/PLC digital interface allowing you to program temperature & dip times, 316 stainless steel filling and draining valves, low water level detection with auto-fill, achieve up to 8 cycles per minute, easily removable conveyor for cleaning, gas strut supported lid to allow quick access to tank for cleaning and a simple and well-designed electrical dipping mechanism.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Up to 8 cycles/min
  • On/off button on main control panel for ease of operation
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance, lid opens with supporting gas strut for ease of cleaning
  • Conveyor is quickly removed to aid in rapid cleaning
  • High performance insulation helps avoid heat loss
  • Easy fill and drain tank
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water level detection and auto-fill
  • Easily adjust dipping time & temperature from programmable digital HMI interface
  • Safety interlocks on all panel openings
  • Mounted on height adjustable leveling feet
Machine weight400 kg
Max. product height275mm
Immersion platform size 870mm x 630mm
Immersion depth 330mm
Cycle timeup to 8/min
Volume of water310 liters
Electrical heating25kw/67.5A
If 67.5A current usage is too high, we are able to customise the dip tank to use fewer heating elements to get it within your requirements, the downside to this is a longer heating time. Please contact us for further details.
Machine size - L x W x H1400 x 1055 x 1310mm


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