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PACIFIC 2 Trolley Straight Through Smokehouse Oven

Condition: New
The PACIFIC 2-2 trolley smokehouse is an advanced multi-function smokehouse that is capable of cooking, baking, smoking and cleaning all in the one machine. It features fully digital controls via the easy to use digital HMI interface and features the capacity to smoke or cook up to 2 smoke trolleys at a single time with both in and out doors located at each end of the smokehouse for quick and efficient product through put, making it perfect for production with separated fresh and cooked areas.


This machine has cook, bake, smoke and clean functionality.

User can adjust the temperature and time via the integrated HMI and PLC.

The machine has three temperature probes to monitor the temperature in the oven and ensure the average temperature is regulated effectively.

The machine adopts a high powered fan to accelerate the air circulation to ensure even cooking and smoking.

The machine uses all imported and European components.


Computerized Auto Control Mode: Big touch screen.

Parameters can be shown in one control interface.

Connecting with computer and printer that can control the smokehouse remotely and print out the recipes, humidity and temperature.

100 recipes can be stored.

Unique Air Circulation System

Imported Key Control Components Smoking Generator System; 

Independent Smoking Generator or Smoking generator installed inside the door; Adopt advanced inner circulation smoke generating system that even can generate smoke in low oxygen state.

Effective Auto-Cleaning System

Power Supply: 3 Phase 415V 50Hz 29Kw

Capacity: 500 Kg - 2 Smoke Trolleys

Maximum Temperature: 120 Deg C

External Dimensions: 2400mm × 1510mm × 3000mm


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