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Packo Cabinet Freezer 1900L

Condition: Used/Refurbished
The Packo Cabinet Freezer is a 1900L freezer which utilises cryogenic freezing. This process uses liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) as an expandable refrigerant which comes in direct contact with the product to freeze. Products are frozen much faster than mechanical freezing techniques, making them maintain their quality and maintain their taste better and have less moisture losses. The great flexibility of the freezing process - fast startup and shutdown – makes it the ideal freezing method for smaller volumes and test batches and for applications with a wide range of products.



Better product quality
     • Improved texture, better taste and appearance of the product

Flexibility in freezing process
     • Freezing for a specific period of time or freezing until the core temperature of
the product is reached
     • Flexible production possible : different products, different residence time, ...

Easy in and out with trolley, thanks to plate in front of the freezer

Good cleanability and efficient gas flow
     • Round corners in freezer
     • The use of radial fans and baffle opposite to the fans

Long life time
     • PUR-isolation is inserted after full welding (no sandwich panels are used); the risk that water deteriorates the isolation (formation of frost on the outside, efficiency losses, deformation of cabinet) is highly reduced

Cost effective
     • Low maintenance
     • Low capital investment



Internal Volume: 1900L
Dimensions (Internal): 680 x 1300 x 2000mm
Dimensions (External): 1572 x 1750 x 2125mm
Door Opening: 730 x 2000mm
Max. Dimensions Trolley: 670 x 1250 x 1950mm
Fans (no. of): 3
Type: Radial
Control System: Conventional


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