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Revic 1200L Jacketed Boiling Kettle with Unloader

Condition: New
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Revic 1200L Jacketed Boiling Kettle with Unloader
The Revic 1200L boiling kettle is suitable for boiling or blanching a wide range of products from fruit and vegetables, smallgoods and frankfurters to seafood and shellfish. The machine has a hydraulic basket for easy loading and unloading of products with the operator safety in mind.



  • Made in Poland
  • Available in various capacities from 200L to 2000L
  • Constructed out of stainless steel AISI 304
  • All elements (hydraulic agegate, hydraulic arms, electrical system) hidden in housing
  • System ensures the correct sequence of actuators action (first lid, then basket, etc.)
  • System prevents free falling in the event of lack of pressure
  • Smooth basket unload (with adjustable speed of basket tilt)
  • Double heat jacket – oil shell


Tank Capacity1200L
Hole Diameter (Basket)15mm, arranged 50x50mm (other dimensions/arrangements available)
Voltage400V 50Hz, 3 Phase
Heating Power40kW
Water Connection1/2"
Overall Dimensions2600 x 1300 x 1100 mm


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