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Frampton Bar Marking Machine

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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Frampton Bar Marking Machine
This Frampton Bar Making Machine is designed to give a griddle effect to regular or irregular thickness products, this particular machine is a underside bar marking machine, which is ideal for use with with irregular thickness products such as chicken fillets as the product does not need pressure applied to it for marking. Other uses for this machine include steaks, burgers, fish, both whole and portions, vegetables such as sliced peppers, onions, courgettes, and bread products such as Panini and Ciabata. The machine can be easily reconfigured to change the diameter, pitch and shape of the bar marking bars to suit your bar marking requirements, fully stainless steel construction & fitted with a 510mm wide conveyor belt.


  • Under side bar marking model.
  • 510mm wide in-feed conveyor belt width.
  • Used for bar marking chicken breast and other meats.
  • Both the diameter and pitch of the bar marking bars can be specified to give the required bar mark effect.
  • The bars can be from 5mm diameter up to 12mm diameter or square from 5mm square up to 12mm square.
  • The pitch of the bars can be from 8mm to 25mm. The bars are heated by being passed between two sets of Frampton slab elements running at temperatures at around 650-700 C


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