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Meiko AZP80 - Food Waste System

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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Meiko AZP80 - Food Waste System
The Meiko AZP 80 is a high‐capacity waste pulper that reduces food and waste volume by up to 85%. The AZP 80 uses a tungsten carbide grinding mechanism and a de-watering press to reduce food waste to a dry, odourless pulp.
This machine is able to process the following types of products: Fruits and vegetable, Cooked and uncooked meat & fish, Bones, Seeds & stones, Flower stems, Packaging, general waste, oil & fats, raw, dough/flour, soup / liquid stock, pineapple tops, corn husks or other heavily fibrous materials, frozen or chilled foods, and more.



  • Can process mixed kitchen waste in addition to food waste, including Styrofoam, paper, and cardboard
  • Waste is reduced to a nearly dry pulp, with a volume reduction of 70-85%. Water and liquid waste is filtered and drained
  • Tungsten carbide cutting blades for outstanding performance and long life
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Self-cleaning mode at machine shutdown
  • Capacity 992 lbs. (450 kg) per hour of food waste
  • Powerful 8.8 hp grinder motor
  • Volume reduction of 70-85%


ModelAZP 80
Capacity (Food Waste)up to 450kg/h
Capacity (Mixed Waste)up to 320kg/h
Voltage400V / 50Hz - 3 Phase
Total Power11.5kW 25A
Motor (Grinder)5.5kW
Motor (De-Watering Press)1.1kW
CoolingNitrogen Injection
Overall Dimensions3000 x 700 x 1700mm


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