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Colussi Ermes S.r.l. 200L 5684 Bin Washer

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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Colussi Ermes S.r.l. 200L 5684 Bin Washer
This 200L Colussi Ermes S.r.l. 200L bin washer is perfect for any large butcher, food processor, boning room, abattoir or industrial manufacturer to quickly and efficiently wash and sterilise euro dump bins without the need for excessive manual handling costs and lost productivity and labour.



  • High operating pressures for stubborn stains
  • Customized wash programs based on a large variety of choices
  • Excess water removal for immediate re-use in the production process
  • CIP function "Ready for Use" program for immediate machine availability upon shift start
  • Ongoing monitoring of all parameters to ensure compliance with HACCP rules


Year of Construction2004
Overall Dimensions2000 mm x 1950 mm x 2700 mm


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