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PACIFIC 400L/220mm Mixer Mincer

Condition: New
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PACIFIC 400L/220mm Mixer Mincer
The PACIFIC 400L/220mm Mixer Mincer is a great addition to any butcher, food processor, bakery or manufacturer wishing to thoroughly mix and blend wet or dry products prior to mincing. It’s single shaft mixing paddle and variable speed motor ensures that no matter what your mixing and mincing your product will always be consistent.



  • Suitable for tempered or fresh meat (-4°C or warmer)
  • Forward and reverse mixing
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Two speed mincing
  • Single cut
  • Pneumatic lid
  • Full safeties fitted to the machine to ensure operator safety
  • CE Approved
  • Siemens Electrics


Product Capacityup to 180-200kg
Throughputup to 3t/h (based on fresh meat through 10mm plate)
Grinding Head220mm
Mixing Speed23.5 rev/min
Mincing Speeds140 / 280 rev/min
Voltage415V 50Hz, 3Ph
Overall Weight1500kg
Overall Dimensions2247 x 1080 x 2000 mm


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