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MHS IC700 / 24B Chop Cutter - 2010

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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MHS IC700 / 24B Chop Cutter - 2010
The MHS chop cutter / slicer is ideal for slicing bacon, lamb loins & pork chops, fresh Or chilled. The machine can cut both bone-in or boneless product. The MHS chop cutter is an economical and efficient slicing and portioning machine, prefect for supermarkets and medium-sized butcher shops. The machine comes with outfeed conveyor for high speed non-stop slicing.


The MHS IC range of slicing machines are made with the highest performance, simplest handling and precision portioning in mind. These slicers stand for a trouble free production process.

The slicers have been well thought out for tough everyday use, with the working stages reduced to a minimum to increase production. The integrated LCD display makes the handling and operator guidance extraordinarily easy, with clear symbols helping to speed up the input process. All data for the slicing process can be assimilated at a glance.

In the MHS slicers the product feeder is controlled reliably by a light barrier, allowing for the first slice to to be made at the selected length. MHS have emphasised the high quality power unit used to ensure that the feeding action is smooth and precise.


  • Short cycles due to automatic return limiter
  • Start and search device
  • Automatic distribution of the remaining slice
  • Automatic flap start after closing the input flap
  • Automatic flap opener
  • Pneumatic product gripper
  • Automatic ejector for last slicer
  • Precise slice results for bone-in product due to micro-toothed blade
  • Adjustable blade speed
  • Exact feed due to less friction on structural surfaces
  • Forward feed mode selectable on continuous or step by step
  • Optimum hold due to adjustable gripper
  • 100 programmable LCD display
  • Slicing software for cutting in section
  • Equal distribution of products according to the number of slices
  • Single cut fucntion with higher blade speed to increase slice quality on low production rate
  • Outfeed conveyor belt
  • Reverse executions
  • Stainless steel flaps


ModelMHS IC700 / 24B
Maximum Product Length700 mm
Maximum Product Cross Section250 x 240 mm
Slice Thickness1-700 mm
Throughput200 Slices per minute
Voltage400V 50Hz, 3 Phase
Weight320 kg
Overall Dimensions1920 x 925 x 1420mm


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