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PACIFIC 400mm x 4.5m Continuous Fryer - Electric

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PACIFIC 400mm x 4.5m Continuous Fryer - Electric
The PACIFIC 400mm Continuous Fryer has a travel length 3.8 meters and a variable speed belt (adjustable frying time) to suit cooking any variety of products from formed chicken products such as nuggets, potato cakes, dim sim's to arancini balls. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, featuring a chain lifting system for the cover and top conveyor for easy access and cleaning. The machine has a teflon indeed belt so wet and sticky product do not stick. the fryer also has oil circulation and cleated belts for assisting floating product to travel through the oil.



Dimension of Fryer

4500 x 800 x 2000mm

Thickness of Fryer Body

4mm SS304

Thickness of Fryer Shell

1.5mm SS304

Thickness of Belt Holder

3mm SS304

Thickness of Ppper lid


Thickness of insulation course


Oil Capacity


Variable Speed

30 seconds to 8 minutes

Electric Heating


Frying Temperature

180-190 Deg C

Heat up time to 190 Deg C

30 Minutes

Temperature Control Range

30-300 Deg C

Wire Mesh Belt

400mm wide

Electric control

50Hz, 415V 3Ph


5 Layer mesh hot oil filter and pump including piping

Bottom Sediment removal system

Integrated sediment removal conveyor locatedon the bottom of the tank. 

Aluminium silicate insulation materials filled between the fryer body and shell

Drain valve installed at the bottom of the fryer

Oil vent installed at the in-feed of the fryer to prevent floating, remaining sediment at the entry. 

Chain lfting system to lift either top cover or cover and top belt together.

Automatically cuts of power to heating element s when cover is lifted.

Vapour extraction system fitted to the top cover and exhasut pipes with control valve loacted on the bottom of the exhaust.

SS305 heating tubes with each group having independent control for heat and power adjustment.

SS304 Electric control cabinet with analog controls

Optional Features:

Omron PLC system with HMI Touch screen

Oil Storage tanks in a variety of sizes. 

Continuous Oil Filter with Mesh screen.

Teflon or Teflon cated stainless steel in-feed belt

Hydraulic Ram lifting system

Plate belt with holes and cleats


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