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PACIFIC SS-350A Automatic Slicer

Condition: New
The PACIFIC SS-350A is an automated carriage deli slicer, featuring solid stainless steel construction, a 35cm x 25cm (L x W) product carriage, a 14" blade and powerful motor making it suitable for cafes, bakeries, sandwich shop, deli's & butcher's who wish to slice large quantities of cooked and cured meat & cheese, simply set your product in the carriage and adjust the product holder rails, set your slice thickness (from 0.1mm to 14mm) and let the machine automatically, consistently and safely slice your product, it will automatically slice at up to 38 slices per minute. It is easy to operate and clean, comes supplied with an integrated sharpening stone that allows you to keep a sharp edge on your blade at all times ensuring a consistent and reliable slice each and every time and it runs off single phase 240v. Perfect for boneless ham & prosciutto, all manner of cheeses, salami, meat loaf, roast meats such as beef, pork, lamb & chicken breasts, terrines, formed chicken schnitzel slicing, bacon, and much more.



  • Automatic slicing
  • Up to 38 slices per mimute
  • Built in sharpening stone
  • Feed system: Gravity feed with hold-down arms
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for slicing boneless ham & prosciutto, cheeses, salami, meat loaf, roast meats, terrines, bacon, and much more


Blade Size350 mm (diameter)
Carriage Speed38 Slices per minute
Slice Thickness0-14 mm
Maximum Product Size350 x 250 mm
Voltage240V 50Hz, 1 Phase
Weight84 kg
Overall Dimensions750 x 640 x 750 mm


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