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  1. Polyclip SFO 8006

    SOLD - Polyclip SFO 8006

    The Polyclip SFO 8006 is a multi-headed clipping system suitable for filling larger tubes of salami, pizza toppings, strass, fritz and pet food chubs in small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and in other food manufacturing. With a 3 phase power system the Polyclip SFO seeks to provide reliability and safety. Learn More
  2.    Tipper Tie Auto Clipping Machine

    SOLD - Tipper Tie Auto Clipping Machine

    The Tipper Tie Auto Clipping machine is a feature filled machine that is safe, reliable and precise for small goods producers, butcher shops, supermarkets and other meat producers looking for a semi-automatic clipping machine for sausage production. Featuring an opening of 80mm with a maximum clipping of 65mm, two fully rebuilt nozzles, LCD monitor with a functional computer control system and wheels for mobility. In addition, the #304 Stainless Steel machine creates an easy to clean surface making it the perfect product for customers requiring simplicity and efficiency. Learn More
  3. Polyclip Hand clipper

    SOLD - Polyclip Hand Clipper

    The Polyclip hand clipper is perfect for any sausage maker, smallgoods manufacturer, butcher or food processor to clip and portion sausages and salami. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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