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  1. SOLD - H+H Frankfurt Peeler

    SOLD - H+H Frankfurt Peeler

    The H+H Frankfurt peeler is perfect for any smallgoods manufacturer, sausage producer, food processor or wholesale butcher to quickly and efficiently remove the natural skin or casing from blanched or cooked sausages and frankfurts. Learn More
  2. Grote SNP-505 Modular Slicer

    Grote SNP-505 Modular Slicer - Just Arrived

    Grote’s SNP-505 Modular Slicer offers a cantilevered design, allowing it to fit directly over your production line and slice and apply products directly onto buns or trays as they pass beneath the slicer. Product logs can be continuously loaded for optimum yields. Ideal for sandwich lines, small pizza crusts and continuous dough lines, the SNP-505 combines adjustable production rates, adjustable slicing head height, and a reversible frame for left-hand or right-hand operation. Grote’s patented AccuBand® blade system ensures optimal slice quality while a user-friendly keypad lets you adjust functions with the touch of a finger. Learn More
  3. Franz Anlagenbau Strip Cutter - JUST ARRIVED

    Franz Anlagenbau Strip Cutter - JUST ARRIVED

    The Franz Anlagenbau strip cutter is a machine capable of efficiently and effectively cutting fresh meat into strips or cubes. Learn More
  4. Grote 613 Slicer

    Grote 613 Slicer

    Grote’s 613 MultiSlicer tackles a variety of slicing applications, including bulk slicing, stacking and shingling into portions. With variable slicing rates up to 90 strokes per minute per lane, and Grote’s patented AccuBand® blade system, the 613 creates optimal slices of meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit or bread products. A user-friendly keypad makes it easy to control and operate, while the machine’s streamlined and mobile design makes it easy to clean and move on location. Learn More
  5. FAM 3MGD Guillotine / Dicer

    FAM 3MGD Guillotine / Dicer

    The Luthi type New 2MGD Series Dicers incorporate the cutting principles of our patented guillotine type dicer with added design improvements to meet sanitation requirements of the poultry, fish and meat processing industries. The output capacity of the machine is dependent on cutting speed (number of strokes of the cutting head per minute), size of cut product and thickness or depth of product on cutting belt. Squares of product can be cut from ⅛ inch (3mm) x ⅛ inch up to 2⅛ inch (54mm) by 2⅛ inch. Rectangles of product can be cut from 3/16 x 5/16 (4.8mm x 8mm) to 1-5/16 x 2-11/16 (33.4mm to 68.2mm). Cutting head speed can be regulated from 36 strokes per minute up to 240 strokes per minute. Maximum clearance of knife above the cutting belt is 6 inches. Learn More
  6. Grupalia Daga 250 Slicer

    Grupalia Daga 250 Slicer

    The Grupalia Daga 250 Slicer is a automatic slicer that is principally designed for delis, smallgoods producers, supermarkets and other food producers. The machine features a cutting system known as an Orbital system, capable of slicing cooked and cured meat products as well as cheese. The machine has been reconditioned and is in good working order. Learn More
  7. MHS IC700 / 24 Slicer & Chop Cutter

    MHS IC700 / 24 Slicer & Chop Cutter

    Being a perfect fit for the meat industry the IC series offers strong and solid performance for permanent use. Wherever high capacity, simple operation and precise portioning are required, these machines guarantee a smooth production process with the operation reduced to a minimum as they are designed for heavy duty applications. Learn More
  8. PACIFIC JS-300 fresh meat slicer & strip cutter

    SOLD - Used PACIFIC JS-300 Fresh Meat Slicer, Strip Cutter & Dicer

    The PACIFIC JS-300 is a compact and durable machine for slicing, strip cutting and dicing a whole variety of products from fresh meat, chicken, seafood, jerky, pigs ears and biltong just to name a few. Featuring a power of 0.5H/0.4Kw the diverse slicer yields a capacity rate of 800Kg/Hour - 1200Kg/Hour, also assisted by an optional short (390mm) or long conveyor (760mm). With a wide range of sized cutting heads available to suit every application, the JS-300 is sure to improve your products presentation and increase your productivity. Learn More
  9. SOLD - Silk Cut CP 180 Salmon Slicer MKII

    SOLD - Silk Cut CP 180 Salmon Slicer MKII

    The CP 180 Silk cut slicer has a capacity of up to 180 slices/min., corresponding to approx. 200 kg/h by 1 kg fillets. It has a slicing angle interval of 8°-20°. Slice thickness can be varied from 2-30 mm, with a maximum slice width of 205 mm. The design of the machines facilitates fast end efficient cleaning; a cleaning stand is included for the cleaning of loose parts. Learn More
  10. SOLD - Bizerba VS12D-V Automatic Vertical Slicer 2008 - Reconditioned

    SOLD - Bizerba VS12D-V Automatic Vertical Slicer 2008 - Reconditioned

    The Bizerba A406 FB is a durable fully automatic vertical slicer that is principally designed for butcher shops, deli's, small good stores, supermarkets and other food production. Capable of slicing cooked and cured meat products as well as many cheeses, along with a wide range of other products, it features a conveyorised depositing system to move sliced product onto a depositing tray in up to 18 different depositing options, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation in the one machine, easy to clean and a hygienic design and easy dis-assembly for cleaning. This machine is used and reconditioned, it is in excellent condition. Learn More

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