Sausage and Frankfurt Equipment

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  1. SOLD - H+H Frankfurt Peeler

    SOLD - H+H Frankfurt Peeler

    The H+H Frankfurt peeler is perfect for any smallgoods manufacturer, sausage producer, food processor or wholesale butcher to quickly and efficiently remove the natural skin or casing from blanched or cooked sausages and frankfurts. Learn More
  2. MG Equipment FSH Automated Sausage Cutter

    SOLD - MG Equipment FSH Automated Sausage Cutter

    The FSH Automated Sausage Cutter is a programmable automatic sausage cutting machine designed to cut up to 60 straight sausages per minute, will cut sausages from 10-50mm in diameter, all stainless steel construction. Learn More
  3. Hoegger Sausage Cutting Machine

    SOLD - Hoegger Sausage Cutting Machine

    The Hoegger Sausage Cutter tumbles linked sausages in a drum which delinks sausages via small hooks located within the barrel. Water spray is fitted to the machine, but it’s use is optional, one end of the machine can be raised to allow gravity to feed the linked sausages through the machine. This machine is in excellent condition, has been tested and used recently for a trial for hot dog delinking and performed perfectly. Learn More
  4. Townsend Supermatic RT6+

    Townsend Supermatic RT6+

    The Townsend Supermatic RT6+ is a feature packed Sausage equipment that is safe, reliable and precise for butcher shops, supermarkets, small good stores and other meat production. Featuring 5 Chains with a Sausage Stuffer, this machine is in excellent condition being only used as a back up. Learn More
  5. Townsend RT6+ Frankamatic

    Townsend RT6+ Frankamatic

    The Townsend RT6+ Frankamatic is a high quality Frankfurt Machine that is recommended for butcher shops, small good stores, supermarkets and other meat manufacturers. Learn More
  6. Townsend Frankamatic RT7+

    Townsend Frankamatic RT7+

    The Townsend Frankamatic RT7+ is a highly efficient Frankfurt machine that is suitable for butcher shops, supermarkets, small good stores and other meat manufacturing locations. Packed with features this machine obtains a hygienic design that makes cleaning it easy. Learn More
  7. Vemag Complete Sausage Line

    SOLD - Vemag Complete Sausage Line

    The 2002 Vemag Complete Sausage Line is dependable, secure and ideal for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and other meat productions that require filling and portioning. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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