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  1. STEPHAN MC12 Micro Cutter emulsifier

    STEPHAN MC12 Micro Cutter emulsifier

    The STEPHAN Microcut Machines are compact and easy to use. The unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine. Microcut MC machines with one cutting set are for small and medium size applications and require very little space in the factory. Learn More
  2. CFS Ecocut 175 Emulsifier

    SOLD - CFS Ecocut 175 Emulsifier

    The GEA EcoCut 175 is a compact yet robust emulsifier designed for small to medium-sized productions. It can be used to prepare raw materials such as pork skin emulsion as well as for final emulsions. With the choice of either a single- or double knife set, it can produce coarse as well as superfine emulsions. Learn More
  3. Stephan UM80E

    SOLD Stephan UM80E Cutter, Mixer and Emulsifier

    TThe Stephan UM80E is a multi-purpose cutter and mixer for production of meat and sausages, dairy products, delicatessen products, confectionery and bakery products. Learn More
  4. Stephan MCH 20 Emulsifier

    SOLD - Stephan MCH 20 Emulsifier

    The Stephan MCH20 emulsifier is the perfect machine for any sausage maker, butcher, chicken processor, food manufacturer or industrial processor which produce fine products, more or less coarse products, sausages, baby food, cooking steady emulsions. The Microcut® is also ideal for the production of rind emulsions. This machine is currently fitted with a 1.5mm cutting ring a range of different sized cutting rings are available. Learn More
  5. Stephan Microcut MC15 Emulsifier

    SOLD - Stephan Microcut MC15 Emulsifier

    The Microcut MC 15 is the fundamental basis for a rational work in the food process for delicatessen shops, industry and cuisine. It is an ideal machine for fine product, baby food, cooking steady emulsions, soups and sauces. .Thanks to its cutting system, the crossing of the products is very fast and the desired fineness is obtained. The emulsion and liaison are ideal, without melting while cooking. There is no friction and the cutting system can work vacuously. Advantages of the Stephan Microcut : a simple and neat cutting, without crushing, laminating or heating , a smooth and homogeneous product without air. Quality and fineness of the product are constant. Except the sealing ring of the motor, there is no need of special maintenance. Learn More
  6. SOLD - Wolfking MC 225-HS Stainless Steel Emulsifier

    SOLD - Wolfking MC 225-HS Stainless Steel Emulsifier

    Wolfking MC 225-HS Stainless Steel Emulsifier is a strong and reliable emulsifier and microcutter that continuously produces sausage emulsions ranging from extremely fine to coarse and tough-skinned emulsions, suitable for any food processor or manufacturer looking to process large batch volumes with ease and efficiency. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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