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Techik IMD-II 5025 Metal Detector (Detection Window: 500mm x 250mm)

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Techik IMD-II 5025 Metal Detector (Detection Window: 500mm x 250mm)
Introducing the highly advanced, designed and engineered in Germany Techik IMD-II 5025 Metal Detector, featuring cutting edge and advanced features to ensure a consistent high foreign object detection rate and ease of setup and use. The IMD-II features a large foreign object detection window size of 500mm x 250mm (width x height) making this machine suitable for perfect for standard sized meat boxes, phase tracking function and product tracking functionality which ensures a stable high-sensitivity detection capability, auto-balanced calibration functionality which ensures accuracy over the life of the machine, advanced FPGA single chip designed electronics, 304 mirror polished stainless steel construction, store up to 52 different products in the easy to use digital interface, IP66 dust and water proof electronics and detection head, 240v single phase power and optionally USB logging and ethernet interfaces are available on this machine. It is simple to set this metal detector up for new products with an automatic settings mode that simply requires the product to be placed onto the conveyor belt and it is automatically passed back and forward through the detection head until the sophisticated detection algorithm's determine the most accurate settings for reliable metal detection.


Model IMD-II 5025
Probe window 500 x 250 (mm)
Detection Sensitivity (without product) Sensitivity Iron - 1.2mm
  Sensitivity Steel - 2.5mm
Transfer Item Weight < 100 Kg
Product Programs 52 Individual Product Settings Stored in Memory
IP Rating IP66
Metal Detection Warning Alarm sounds and conveyor stops
Conveyor Dimensions 1,500mm X 460mm (PU Belt)
Conveyor Speed Speed - 25M / Min
Power 240V / 50Hz
Accessories Multiple sizes of plastic encased test pieces in Stainless Steel & Iron

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