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SOLD | Handtmann BF120 Hamburger Former

The Handtmann BF120 Hamburger Former is necessary for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and other meat productions. Featuring the ability to be used in conjunction with the VF range of Vacuum Filling machines, to produce burger products between 60 to 120 mm in diameter, between 8 to 20 mm in thickness and works on a reciprocating head basis of up to 60 portions per minute, and pneumatic action, the board is pushing a system of spraying water.
We are sorry but we are unable to quote on this machine, if you are looking for a machine similar to this, please contact us and we will attempt to find a quality machine through our network of food machinery agents world wide.


  • Conveyor:  300 x 1100 mm
  • Height adjustable and tilt adjustable
  • Power 12 KW, 230V
  • Compressed Air: 6m ³ / hr, 6 bar
  • Portioning: 60 portions / min. incl. 2 round formatted inserts

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