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PACIFIC 200mm Preduster Machine

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PACIFIC 200mm Preduster Machine
The Pacific 200mm Preduster is designed to evenly coat products with different types of flour, finely ground spices and sugar. Products are coated optimally from all sides over the complete belt width and the speed of the belt is adjustable. Surplus coating and dust are returned into a re-circulating system. The out feed height is variable in order to enable smooth transition to the next machine in the battering and crumbing line.

The Pacific 200mm Preduster has many applications including formed products like nuggets, fish fingers, frozen or fresh fish filets, veal & chicken schnitzels, poultry products, tempura products, sweets, bakery products and more.


  • Vibration plate ensures even coating of product
  • Conveyor belt speed adjustable from 1.5 - 15m/minute
  • Adjust and control the flour or spice coating thickness
  • Excess flour or spice coating is blown off and re-circulated
  • Variable out-feed conveyor height
  • Mounted on 4 locking castors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
Machine Dimensions1730 x 650 x 1480mm
Conveyor Width200mm
Belt Speed1.5 - 15 m/minute
Input Height720mm ±50mm
Output Height780 ±50mm
Electrical380V 50Hz 3 Phase
Production Capacity~100Kg/h

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