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PACIFIC 200L Batter Mixer

Condition: New
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PACIFIC 200L Batter Mixer
The Pacific DJJ200-II batter mixer uses a specially designed beater to ensure even mixing of the batter mixture. The DJJ200-II is also suitable for mixing high viscosity Tempura batter.

An independent mixing tank allows the tank to be moved after the mix has finished, this feature also allows the use of multiple mixing tanks to supply multiple battering machines. As the motor & mixing assembly is mounted higher up ensuring it is well clear of the batter tank, the motor & mixing assembly also retracts from the tank making it simple and easy to clean both parts.

This model is not fitted with a batter pump to supply a battering machine; a separate batter pump can be fitted to feed from the outlet at the bottom of the batter mixing tank.



  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 200L capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Specially designed beater to ensure consistent and even mixing of batter mix
  • Removable mixing tank

Machine Specifications



Capacity of Mixing Tank:


Mixer Power:


Overall Dimensions:

1300 x 790 x 2100 mm

Power Requirements:

3 Phase 415v 50Hz

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