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KT FS-19 Strip Cutter with Conveyor

Condition: Used/Reconditioned
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KT FS-19 Strip Cutter with Conveyor
The KT FS-19 is the ultimate Strip Cutter for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops, industrial kitchens, the wholesale sector and other meat productions. This cutter is especially suited for slicing and cutting into strips fresh and boneless meat, and also lends itself well to slicing liver, poultry, fish fillet and certain fruits and vegetables. Featuring blades that are capable of slicing a piece of meat weighing a maximum of 1.5 kg, and no manual feeding due to the meat being pulled in automatically. The simple construction of the KT FS - 19 makes it easy to clean after use. The automatic feeding and slicing of the meat ensures safety from industrial accidents and makes for consistent quality. The slicer is made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a no voltage control relay, thermal relay and a direction control switch as standard.



  • No need to temper product to get an excellent slice
  • Slice fresh (0 - 4 deg C) with perfect slice thickness
  • Fast capacity of up to 1,300 Kg per hour Compact size with stainless stand and casters to move around easily
  • Over 1,000 slicers installed over the years worldwide Simple, sanitary design without tools needed to break down for cleaning
  • Perfect slice thickness, unlike other slicers that rely on pressures or tempered product
  • Machine comes with spare parts: motor, stainless comb, nylon blade guides and assorted parts. 



ModelKT FS-10
Cutting Thickness12mm
Conveyor Width590mm
Overall Dimensions2040 x 900 x 1550mm

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