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Grupalia Daga 250 Slicer

Condition: Used/Reconditioned

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Grupalia Daga 250 Slicer
The Grupalia Daga 250 Slicer is a automatic slicer that is principally designed for delis, smallgoods producers, supermarkets and other food producers. The machine features a cutting system known as an Orbital system, capable of slicing cooked and cured meat products as well as cheese. The machine has been reconditioned and is in good working order.


Controls: Siemens PLC and HMI Screen

Product Infeed Height: 100mm
Product Infeed Width: 200mm
Product Infeed Length: 650mm

Outfeed Belt Width: 200mm
Outfeed Belt length: 1680mm

Total Dimensions: 2750mm x 820mm x 2150mm

Approximate Weight: 400kg

Max. Production: 250 cuts/min

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